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EMS Student Response Kit™

Product SKU: 544 Orange Kit, 546 Navy Kit

 EMS Student Response Kit™

The EMS Student Response Kit™ provides the new student with the essential BLS equipment needed during and after completion of EMS training. The kit features EMI’s fanny pack which has three outside pockets and two large zippered inside pockets for ample room for extra supplies and equipment. The EMS Student Response Kit™ is not only practical, but makes a great gift for the new EMS professional. 

The EMS Student Response Kit™ Includes:

1-Adult Nylon Blood Pressure Cuff
1-Sparague Stethoscope (black)
1-Lifesaver CPR Mask
1-EMS Shears
2-Disposable Pupil Gauge Penlights
4-Nitrile Gloves
  • #544 - EMS Student Response Kit™ (Orange)
  • #546 - EMS Student Response Kit™ (Navy)

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