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Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™

Product SKU: 526

Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™

EMI’s Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ can move patients quickly and with ease. The stretcher’s heavy-duty water resistant vinyl provides strength and durability. Built in restraints as the chest and legs using 2" webbing holds the patient securely in place. The restraints also feature quick release buckles. By releasing the 2 end straps one person can rapidly drag a patient out of hazardous situations. The Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ is highly recommended for evacuations, fires, disasters, active shooter situations, etc. Each stretcher comes in it own storage case.
Stretcher Size - 71"L x 27"W
Size in Case - 20"L x 11"W (Weighs approximately 3lb)
Load Capacity - 450LBS
  • #526 Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ 

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